Friday, October 31, 2008

Cabbage, jasmine and Louise.

1. I find myself staring fascinated by the green-purple cabbages sent in our box this week. I dreamed about drawing them last night.

2. A front door wreathed in jasmine leaves.

3. In the afternoon sunlight at the end of autumn I sit on a bench and wait to meet Louise. I spot her from a long way off -- she is at the far end of the lake, but I know her by her stride and by the colours she wears.


  1. doesnt Jasmine smell delicious!

  2. Why don't you draw or better still paint a picture of the cabbages. Such lovely colours!

  3. Plutarch -- I was thinking I might (but I'm not showing you the results!)

    Mommanator -- it does, but this was just the leaves (I probably should have mentioned that) and I thought how beautiful they were.

  4. I've drawn veg from the same boxes - gem squash in deep green wax crayons, and a coloured pencil carrot bunch. Edible and attractive.


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