Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pavement stars, clouds and up the hill.

John Naish recommends keeping a journal similar to this as a good way to survive mass anxiety: How to survive the global panic. He calls me 'an expert gratitude spotter'.

1. Stars are pressed into the pavement in all the flamey reds and golds of autumn.

2. Rolls of fat grey cloud cover the sky. The low late sun tints the eastern bellies with grubby orange.

3. I am passing the bus stop just as the bus pulls in, and get a lift up the hill.


  1. I came here via your link in the Times - well done!

    Love your blog, will be back.


  2. Autumn colors - and the first few snowflakes?

  3. I'd actually found my way to you via John Naish's book! It was such an incredibly insightful & thought-provoking read, I just had to follow through to check out your blog.

    I've been lurking for a few weeks since, and loving it! Keep up the great work.

  4. Oh I love you blog. Found you through Gratitude Practices. I am making this a favorite!

  5. Thanks, everyone. Glad you're enjoying my work. And anyone who hasn't read 'Enough' by John Naish -- it's very much recommended.

    Joe -- we're not quite at the snow stage yet. But, oddly, an earlier draft of that post compared the leaves to snowflakes. Perhaps you're psychic.

  6. Well done on the mention in that piece - good advice indeed.

    I've been reading and think a bit about the theory behind haiku writing and am coming to think it has a lot of social worth in current times, and very similar to what you do. Taking time to notice, really observe the essence of the moment, and share not just the feeling but the source of the feeling with others in the hope it inspired them too.

    Very therapeutic and creative at the same time.


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