Friday, October 24, 2008

Invisible diner, aubergine and an error of judgement.

Grant McCracken has something to say about counting your blessings -- it's what people do when the economy slows up.

And I've been ditting around over at my other blog.

1. A bird feeder rocks although there is no wind.

2. I thought these new socks were black, but they are the colour of an aubergine.

3. We get a note from the editor on one of our pages: 'People have died for less.'
Katie says: 'You spelt his name wrong.'
'That's because I asked you how to spell it.'


  1. Thanks for the mention.. I am still aspiring to daily posting, but in the mean time..

    Auberguine anyything is wonderful :)

  2. but are they the color of "A SMALLLLLLLL AUBERGIIIIIINE"?!

    (this needs to be said in meera syal's granny voice from "goodness gracious me"; and if you have never seen it, then i have just made a very very silly joke for NO good reason!) (sorry) :)

  3. It's the first time I've seen your site......what a great concept.


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