Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning sun, savages and light reading.

1. Looking down through an area railing and seeing sunlight coming in from the other side of the house.

2. Lego Starwars has turned us into savages -- mainly because we haven't quite got the hang of the controls yet. Every time I turn round there seems to be an explosion of Lego bodyparts, and then everyone else starts shooting.

3. Hunting for something gentle and cheerful to read, I find a Bill Bryson book.


  1. I love Bill Bryson! Which one are you reading? My favorite was "A Walk in the Woods" about his trek along the Appalachian Trail.

  2. LOL my hubby builds the real Lego of the Star Wars ships...our lounge looks like an outerspace docking station for craft of various 'force' persuasions....my two year old is growing as fast as she can so she can play with Dad's forbidding Lego!

  3. I'm reading Lost Continent -- the one about small town America.

    We're playing Lego Starwars on our Wii. It's great.


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