Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leaves, a gift and laughing.

1. A drift of autumn leaves has changed the grey pavement to yellow-gold.

2. A box has come by post. Lauren over at All the Good Blog Names Were Taken has sent me a wonderful 3BT journal. I can't stop looking at it. She has used all different papers for the pages, so every page is a surprise. These are some posts about her own 3BTing. Also in the box is this card, which I quietly admired on her blog the other day.

3. I spend the evening with old friends. Again and again I put my head back and laugh.


  1. Sigh! Old friends! How I miss them...

  2. yellow gold, quiet admiration, laughter!

  3. Laughing until your face aches has got to be one of the best simple pleasures in life, I think.

  4. I really liked this description: Again and again I put my head back and laugh.

    So... in the moment. A perfect way to describe how comfortable it is to be with really good friends. How freeing it is to laugh even at ourselves when we are.


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