Monday, December 08, 2008

Baubles, new look and a good dinner.

1. Bringing the Christmas decorations down from high places. I have been smuggling in bundles for a few weeks now, including the tiny beginnings of our Christmas books collection.

2. We clean the bedroom window and wash the net curtain. 'It looks like it's just been painted,' says Nick.

3. Roast beef and huge dishes of vegetables, including crispy roast potatoes, parsnips and swede.


  1. Ah the smell of roast beef....wonderful, were there Yorkshires too?

    And a collection of Christmas books... are these new books you are buying as a treat for yourselves.. will you be snuggling down with lots of new books like us?

    My three beautiful things today are the sight of the holly tree, lit with fairy lights for the first time.... the last piece of my birthday cake (it was yesterday, I was 58)... a fabulous paisley-type shawl given to me by a friend for said birthday.

  2. Yesterday I was signing books at Druidstone Hotel Bazaar in Pembrokeshire. Too busy to look at the menu I ordered the beef expecting a salad and was amazed when roast beef and roast potatoes turned up, with emerald sprouting broccoli and a Yorkshire pudding with a pool of the most delicious gravy.
    Book signing was put on hold for a while needless to say!


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