Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ill, the picture and a book

Thanks for the good wishes everyone -- much appreciated.

1. My cold has come back -- which means mugs of hot tea and meals on trays.

2. My mother has had a picture re-framed as my Christmas present. I lie dozing and hearing Nick trying to work out how to hang it on a brick wall that bends nails. When it's done, he wakes me: 'Come and look, darling girl.' For me, it adds a bit more home to the kitchen.

3. Digging out My Family and Other Animals. The hot Corfu air creeps into the bedroom.


  1. Well, a day late with my congrats BUT I AM SO THRILLED FOR YOU - FANTASTIC news! Like lots of your other readers, of course hoped/ suspected twas on the cards - especially when you took Nick to the aviation bookshop having been first to 'look at stones' together...! Had meant to get in touch before Christmas anyway to wish you (and Nick!) all the best for 2009, and to thank you for being a literary Beautiful Thing in my life this year - soooo pleased for you - being married is fab (hopefully my husband would say the same!). Anna-the-non-stalker xxxx PS Hope cold gets better soonx

  2. PS Have just looked back and seen Nov 30 referred to 'green stones' at the jewellers - so maybe a complete red-herring, given that your beautiful ring consists of family diamonds (how grand that sounds!) in their new setting - what a great idea. Looks gorgeous and really suits your hand...X

  3. That Gerald Durrel book is one of my favourites....out of his whole library of animal stories! Love them all.

  4. Get well soon - you've got a themed wedding to organize!

  5. I like your 'details', the beauty of the ordinary and the extra-ordinary.

  6. How's the book? The title made me want to buy it. I saw it just today in the bookstore.


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