Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Growing up, extra present and Nepali.

1. Two men on the bus -- one can't quite believe he's got a missus, a flat and a cat called Rampage.

2. I bring my secret Santa present back to the office. Under the strip lights, the organza bag of sweets is not just Arabian Nights purple: it's cranberry juice red, too.

3. A second Christmas celebration in one day. Tiny tastes and roti starred with coriander.


  1. 1. The scent from the Christmas tree in reception at work fills the whole stairwell.

    2. The sky is clear and deeply blue.

    3. Happy-sad faces laughing at the manager's speech at someone nice's leaving presentation.

  2. I'm always slightly startled when I read references made to Indian things by non-Indians... In case of the British, I suppose I shouldn't be, but I still nearly always am! Do you like rotis?

  3. Katie -- those are lovely.

    Rashimi -- I like rotis very much, but I prefer Peshwari naan. I didn't have that this time because I would have felt greedy eating it when I wasn't very hungry.

    There are loads of Indian restaurants in England. Many of them are run by Bangladeshis. The one in this post is Nepali; but we also have a South Indian restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. And are lucky enough to have a superb Indian supermarket here -- the spices are much cheaper, and, I think, fresher, because no self-respecting Anglo-Indian housewife would stand for the prices and quality in regular supermarkets.

    I think Indian restaurants are popular here because most Brits find daunting the idea of making Indian food at home; and because the service is generally excellent -- the waiters are so kind and polite that they make us feel like kings and queens!

    I love your posts about cooking -- and I squirrel away some of the things you mention so I can look out for them on menus.


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