Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The cold, hot food and a pat on the back.

1. The morning is so cold and sharp that my cheeks tingle and blush red.

2. Baking a potato in the microwave at work.

3. Katie-at-work describes how once she was in the ladies at a shopping centre when she heard a little boy a few cubicles along pipe up: 'Well done, Mummy, you did a nice big poo.'


  1. #3...Out of the mouths of babes!! Oh my!(But it DID make me smile)

  2. #1 wonderful discription
    #3 so cute

  3. #3 You never know what a kid is going to say. Walking into a store decorated with oversized Christmas ornamets my 5yr old son mutters "Whoah, big balls."

  4. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for things with three sides. I have read several of your blogs already and I have quite enjoyed them.

  5. I stumbled Across your blog as well its been a pleasure to read its Great It Inspired me to write my own about three things that made me smile everyday Thanks for a Great Read!


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