Friday, December 12, 2008

More sleep, cucumber and sleeping companion.

1. I crawl back to bed at 11am and wake in the middle of the afternoon feeling as if I can face the world for a couple more hours.

2. Nick comments that the cucumber (which he loathes and won't eat himself) in my sandwich sounds nicely crunchy.

3. Making up a flask of tea to take to bed. When I wake in the night, I pour myself a cup to calm my cough.


  1. Sorry to hear you are still unwell - hope you are on the mend though! x

  2. Hi Claire...sorry to hear you are sick. A friend just recently sent me this unusual cold remedy...instead of putting the Vicks on your chest to relieve your cough, spread it on the SOLES OF YOUR FEET...don warm socks, wool if you have them...then into bed. I haven't tried this myself but she wears by it....and I will try it the next time I'm sick.

  3. Cucumber sandwiches do sound crunchy. Not an American thing, haven't tried it. We use the cucumbers in salad.


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