Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Better, hot food and celebration cake.

1. After nearly a week of grey, plodding cold misery and discouragement: I laugh out loud.

2. Coming home and smelling dinner in the oven.

3. My aunt brings us a cake decorated with holly and ivy and Christmas roses. It has a sugar arch, hung with snowflakes and snow men and Christmas trees decked with silver balls.


  1. well you were over due for a laugh, and what brought it on say the inqueries....
    yummy smells.

    I think laugh every day is going to be a new years resolution for 09 .. got a better one?

  2. Always overdue for a laugh, no matter when the last one was.
    Did your aunt make that magnificent cake?

  3. Larry -- You would have had to have been there :-) That's a good resolution, though. I'm still thinking about mine for next year.

    Joe -- yes she did! Wish I could show some pictures, but our camera is a bit hopeless.


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