Saturday, December 06, 2008

Soundtrack to a nap, vegetable dyes and an achievement.

1. I have a nap in the middle of the morning and drift in and out of sleep. The joiner fixing the window next door is whistling and ocassionally singing: 'A girl like you'

2. The colour of grated carrot -- it's such a bright, juicy orange on a wintery day.

3. I was once the child whose colouring went over the edge; whose samplers were speckled with blood and tears; whose cutting out was jagged and torn and whose handwriting was a constant worry to teachers. I used to feel very ashamed of my art and crafts and still burn to remember the headmaster pronouncing my paper curl chicken 'a mess'. But last night, I was looking at a box I'd decorated with a cut-out, and an embroidery I'm mounting, and I felt quite pleased and proud. It must be partly experience and practice; partly acceptance of my own limitations and partly better tools. I think my motor skills have improved with age -- I'd never have imagined I'd achieve the things I've done in my drawing for beginners class, and with my embroidery.


  1. Your embroidery is very beautiful Clare. Stop carrying those negative voices and reminders around in your head! They don't serve your present life (unless they spur you on)and quite possibly hold you back. Enjoy your art and move on.

  2. Making things has come easier with age for me too. I think it part its about a lack of rules, and a lack of being measured and compared and assessed as we were when we were younger. Now we make mostly for our own pleasure and that shows through.

  3. My colouring still goes over the edge. Learning to draw is like learning a language, and we each speak it in our own way. The is no right or wrong way, but some ways speak more clearly to some people. It is learning to look. And you look with a sharp but gentle eye and should be so so proud of what you have done, especially with words.

    ps hope the cold gets better soon. I have one myself and orange and honey sounds so much better than lemon and honey. Somehow sweeter.


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