Thursday, September 01, 2011

Design, gardening and refusing.

1. Chris the designer has gone to town on our lead feature for the October issue. It looks great, and there's a bit of a buzz in the production room. We're worried about what the publisher is going to say... and then the email comes back: he likes it.

2. Everyone is in the front garden when I come home. Alec is lolled in his pushchair, very asleep; the mother is filling a black plastic sack with weeds.

3. He's been turning his head and making a tight line with his lips every time I offer the spoon. I put his meat and potatoes to one side and start eating some fruit and yoghurt... and suddenly he's interested.

PS: This is what all the fuss has been about -- I'm working as acting editor of a new magazine.


  1. That magazine looks interesting. I found a kitchen I like in there!

    Too funny about your little one with his 'tight-lined lips'. We don't have to be very old to learn that sweet tastes better than meat... or carrots... or whatever else.

  2. Sweet potatoes: yes!
    Beets: noooo!
    One cannot blame the little guy for liking the good stuff!
    I looked at the magazine site...I wish I could visit there.

  3. Great, Brenda. Let me know if I can help you with any contact details.

    Susan -- Canterbury is on the tourist trail, so perhaps one day...

  4. What a pity Amy's left Canterbury now, she'd be most interested in it. Hope it goes well.


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