Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tooth, biscuit and paper bag.

1. I am chatting to Anna when I feel a sharpness on Alec's gum -- his first tooth. Later he lets me look -- it's as tiny and as bright and as sharp as a new moon on a frosty night.

2. She leans past me and says to the grandmother with a crying toddler: "Just give him a biscuit."
"I can't-"
"I've got one if you-"
"-when the other children don't-"
"Just give him a snack -- no-one minds."
And she gets out a packet of maize puffs, he stops crying and no-one minds at all.

3. So I can cook supper without thinking up animals Old MacDonald to farm, I give Alec a large paper bag. When I turn back he has put it on his head.


  1. I love these stories, and how well you let him be himself! I was in a restaurant once, just my friend and I and a young couple with a baby. She kept trying to hush the child . . . finally I went over and told her that his happy chatter was a pleasure to hear, and that since there were no other customers in the place to possibly be bothered, she could just relax and enjoy her meal.

  2. Yaaaayyy! First tooth! How exciting :-)

  3. A tooth already! A was almost a year and walking before her first!


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