Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nursery, the meeting and noodles.

1. This time, I leave him at nursery for 20 minutes. I leave the sling and the nappy bag with him, so he knows I'm coming back and explain where I'm going: "I'm going to drink hot chocolate without someone putting their fingers in it, and you're going to stay here and play with the toys." When I get back, he is being carried around one of the nursery nurses. He was very good, they say -- except when they tried to wash his face after snack time. Which sounds like my baby.

2. "Which mat do you... Oh, it's you!" I run into an old school friend in the baby room at Fenwicks. We've been bumping into each other for years and promising to meet up, but never quite managing to do it, though we still enjoy each other's company. We go for lunch, and properly swap phone numbers this time.

3. If my spirits need raising, there's nothing like the sight of Alec with some noodles. He also gets a laugh out of me demonstrating how to suck them up.


  1. Miss Clare! I have been watching your boy grow big and strong and he is just the cutest thing! I love that face he is making with the noodles. I think that both of my kids have that same look (but I am certain there is red sauce all over to boot!). Thanks for sharing that great picture to put a smile on my face! Enjoy the day!

  2. He is so wondrous a miracle indeed

  3. He looks like such a clever fellow!


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