Friday, September 16, 2011

Parcels, carer and Nick cooks.

1. It's a day of parcels -- two for Nick and two for me. One of them is a long-awaited cook book all the way from Canada.

1a. A woman passing us in the streetsays to me "What a beautiful necklace." I look down, puzzled, and realise that she means Alec in his sling.

2. We take Alec to nursery for his first proper session. He takes one look at the nursery nurse, squirms out of my arms and gives her a hug.

3. Nick takes over cooking dinner so I can give Alec a catch-up feed. We have noodle soup -- cheap quick noodles in homemade chicken stock and bright finger-food sized vegetables for Alec.


  1. And what would that the title of that book all the way from Canada be?

    We had homemade beef vegetable soup for lunch today. It was yummy! I love homemade chicken noodle soup too!

  2. we had home made cauliflower soup just now. It's much tastier than it sounds, made with good stock and herbs. I'm really enjoying all these stories of life with Alec. It takes me back.
    Parenthood in the A level/
    university/ just left home and got a job and married times are fun too, but also still bring their concerns.
    love to you all, Alison

  3. Brenda -- Food That Really Schmecks - it's a cookbook sent over by a lovely 3BT friend.

    Alison -- I've got Cauliflower Cheese for supper tonight -- we're cauli fans here, too. Glad you're enjoying the Alec stories. I'm enjoying writing them down. They are like word photos and they mean a lot to me because there's so much I want to save and treasure, but I'm hopeless with a camera.


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