Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good company, falling asleep and coming to bed.

1. The afternoons are still long, and in this indian summer, they are very beautiful. We spend ours in the park with some friends.

2. Alec makes it clear (by biting me) that he's had enough milk. We lie down on the bed together and he twangs the straps of my vest and chatters for a while. At last he falls silent, and all I can hear is his breathing. I lie still, count 100 breaths and then lift him into his cot.

3. I've gone to bed early to sleep off my cold. I like to half wake up when Nick gets in beside me.

PS: There's a new Canterbury Index out, and I've got a story (and Alec's got a picture) in the Tunbridge Wells edition on page 27. We used Chris' layout for the Halloween pages across both editions because the team liked it so much.


  1. Yesterday my gr-daughter fell asleep in my lap; I gave her some decongestant, and she conked out, sadly. But I have missed that soft face turned up for soft kisses. I think that one thing is worth three things.

  2. Thank you for my little nod in Index as well :D

  3. Wonderful story! (and adorable photo)


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