Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bless you, bacon rolls and into work.

1. The taxi driver says to me: "Oh bless you" -- he was being sympathetic. Nick remarks that there's been a lot of blessing this weekend -- the waitress last night blessed our grumpy Alec in a similar way.

2. Our bacon rolls come, and they are in floury buns.

3. Nick finally gets the chance to show off his son at work. Alec behaves pretty well, and gets plenty of compliments and adoration, and also the opportunity to gum on a Scooby Doo desk toy.

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  1. Here in the South, people say "Bless your heart!" (with emphasis on the R's)when they have any reason to feel sorry for you. The joke also goes that it can mean you are defective in some way. ie: Judy's hair looks like a rat's nest, bless her heart."
    One can tack it on the end of almost anything and it works!


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