Monday, August 22, 2011

Helpers, milky and slop.

1. We find a copy of Shirley Hughes' Helpers in the library -- it's one of the books I had when I was little (my mother is big fan of Shirley Hughes' illustrations). I borrow it on Alec's card... and I'm sure he'll enjoy it very much, even if it's not chewable.

2. Nick is listening to the cricket. It's a slow moment because they are discussing the colour of the sky. "...I would say it's milky, rather than white..."

3. Mashing potato into gravy.


  1. I loved Alfie growing favourite was the one when he locked himself (and maybe his sister?) in the house and their mom was outside with the shopping. My mom and I were just talking about it over weekend and she is looking in the basement for it for our next visit...

  2. Alfie Gets In First! We had that, too. We liked it because his little sister was called Annie Rose -- and our little sister was called Rose, too.

  3. Test Match Special and Shirley Hughes are two of my favourite things.

  4. Calling mash with gravy slop? I call it good stuff.


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