Thursday, August 11, 2011

My cake, venison and Spencer.

1. I buy a sticky chocolate cake to console myself, and take it home to eat while I'm feeding Alec. He's not as occupied as I thought, and he steals the last mouthful. With one hand holding him and the other covered in chocolate, there's nothing I can do, and he smirks at me over his sticky chops.

2. Alec tries venison for the first time -- and he seems to like it, pureed with a few carrots and some quinoa. I have the same -- but not pureed. I'm glad it met with approval, because I'm fond of game.

3. We watch a documentary which covers the work of Stanley Spencer. The presenter comments that Spencer's work is all about joy, which is not in fashion at the moment. This strikes me as a telling remark about the times, and about fashion. I hope joy comes back in during my lifetime.


  1. Venison--I like it, but not crazily. Chocolate cake, well, that's a different matter altogether.
    Joy in your lifetime? Count on it!

  2. Let's have joy (and chocolate and venison) even if not in fashion . . .


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