Friday, August 05, 2011

Mollified, bell and on the bed.

1. I come home to find Alec sleeping -- my resourceful mother mollified him with a teether, a drink and a biscuit. When he wakes up he's very pleased to see me.

2. Anna tells me about an installation in Folkestone -- a bell on a cable that you can, just about if you work together ring. "And this is what nearly made me cry about it -- it came from a belfry up north and they had to remove it because it was discordant with the other bells."

3. We've had a busy day. During the bedtime feed, Nick comes and lies beside us on the bed. And after I've placed the sleeping bundle in his cot, we cuddle up and whisper together in the twilight.


  1. Wow, i love the idea of this blog, its fantastic!

  2. Thanks Dolly. Do give it a go on your own blog if you like!

  3. Ahh, such sweet times, to whisper with the big brother once the baby is asleep. Enjoy it all--goes by too quickly.

  4. :-) It was lovely, Susan -- but Nick is my husband, and I've only got one baby.


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