Thursday, February 02, 2012

At home, for Alec and two kindnesses.

1. Nick is ill now. He works from home, which means he's around to support me when one pair of hands just isn't enough, and when I get demoralised.

2. "What have I got in my bag for you?" She digs in her seagreen bag and pulls out a sparkly pen, which Alec likes holding very much. Next she lets him to examine her purse. He pulls out her cards and offers them to the people at the next table.

3. The dentist has very kindly agreed to look at my sore mouth at short notice. There are five large steps up to his surgery. As I'm about to start bumping the pushchair up them, a lady with torn trousers asks if I want a hand, and helps me out. The dentist examines me and my ulcers and says there's nothing to worry about, and to try salt water. The nurse says: "There's nothing to do at the desk" -- for a moment I'm lost, and then I realise she means the examination was free.