Thursday, February 09, 2012

Un-alone, riding and finished.

1. At 8.30 the doorbell rings. It's my mother. She's come very early because of the bad weather to spend the day with Alec. Nick is working from home, too. I feel very un-alone today.

2. Alec trundling round with his walker, which is full of soft toys (my mother says they are his babies, but perhaps he thinks they are passengers). He pushes it straight across the kitchen into the corner, and then, with a few brmm-brmm noises, reverses out and turns it round to come back again.

3. To finish editing my Courier column down to 300 words, to read it aloud, tweak it again and to send it off.


  1. Ahhh, I remember walkers filled with toys and the baby stuffed in the middle. Thanks for the happy memory.

  2. I'm glad you spent the day with your mother. Mine is gone now but her birthday was Feb 9. Made me smile.
    Thank you.

  3. I like to save up a few weeks of 3BT and then gorge on them all at once. Every post is appreciated, just not always on time! Many Thanks

  4. mcm -- everyone reads 3BT in their own way, I think. I love hearing about all the different 'techniques'. I'm glad you appreciate it.

    theplantgardener -- what a sweet comment! I really do appreciate every day with my mother, though I'm often very busy working. I love the fact that Alec gets someone's total attention for a while.

    Susan -- it's a sort of truck that he pushes along. It's got some bricks to go with it, but he prefers to load it up with his 'babies'!


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