Friday, February 24, 2012

Word, mild and miniature daffs.

1. Alec spits out his last meatball to show he has finished his first course and when I offer him some banana he stands up in his highchair. I tell him: "You're standing up, so I think you've finished and want to get down," and lift him out. He trundles off to put sticky finger prints on the washing. A few moments later I feel a tugging at my dress and hear a shy little voice: "Narna, narna."

2. There is definitely something springlike about the air. It's... warm and mild and kind.

3. I love those miniature daffodils, particularly planted around the roots of trees in the street.


  1. I love daffodils, and I especially love the small words spoken by little ones. Your blog is so joyful, and I know it's what you strive for. :-)

  2. Those words are such a miracle to me. I know it's very ordinary, and babies learn to speak every single day, but I've been wondering what Alec is thinking since the day he was conceived, and now he can tell me. Of course he's been telling me "More milk now" and "Cuddle me" since he was born, but I mean all the other things.


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