Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teenagers, relief and father-son moment.

1. One of the other things I like about swimming -- apart from the pleasure it gives Alec -- is the lunch out afterwards. Instead of rushing to put a meal in front of an impatient and often unappreciative toddler, I get to sit and chat with Alec (and Godfather Timothy if he can make it) while someone else makes lunch for us. Today we were in the pool cafe, which I like because 'all human life is there'. Today there were three enormous teenage boys sitting round the table next to us. Alec stared and stared -- he knows some girls, but not boys, and these gangly, noisy diffident creatures who filled the table and shied away from eye contact fascinated him. I tried not to stare (they were playing a finger hitting game that I'd never seen before, and I do love watching other people watching my baby) but I listened. "He's waving at us. Look, he's waving at us!"

2. Nick comes home and tells me not to do any more housework. "You're not well." It's such a relief.

3. When I get out of my bath and go into the darkened bedroom, I stumble on Nick's slippers. "Shhh!" he is lying in bed with Alec sprawled across him. "We're have a father-son moment."