Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cold, hiding and what are you doing.

1. Bloody nora, it's cold out. We celebrate getting home with an afternoon nap in bed under the covers.

2. "...Can you see all the people hiding in this picture?" And to my amazement, Alec covers his eyes. I try again: "There's the Wicked Witch HIDING, and there's Tom Thumb HIDING behind the custard." Again the little fists go up.

3. Alec stumbling around the kitchen because he has his hands over his eyes.


  1. Each Peach Pear Plum?

    That is still a favourite at our house!

  2. I remember you, R&B all reciting it from start to finish in unison. One of our favourites too.
    I love #3!

  3. Yep, Shannon! Good spot.

    Janey -- I wish you could have seen him, it was so funny. He is a bit of a daftie sometimes.


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