Monday, June 25, 2012

Clutch, in the rain and last half.

A quick heads up for people in the Tunbridge Wells area: Ellen Montellius' portrait exhibition, Being, runs from Monday 9 July to Saturday 4 August. For more information, see the Trinity Theatre website.

1. This morning I clutch at sleep as greedily and as blindly as Alec moving in for a night time bub. And like Alec, my greed is not denied. I am too groggy to say "Yes please" when Nick asks if I want him to take Alec down to breakfast -- but he knows what I mean.

2. I am caught by three people I know, unburdened and all alone, feeling so light that I am almost dancing in the rain, on my way down to the Pantiles to look at the fair.

3. To quietly eat the last half gypsy tart without offering it to anyone else.