Thursday, June 14, 2012

Face time, drop and more.

1. Rosey is looking after Rothera at night this week -- which means that in between patrolling for signs of fire and zombie attacks, she's allowed to use Skype. In that awkward hour between breakfast and nap Alec and I luxuriate in a half hour video chat with her. It's wonderful to see her face, and to show off my son to her (he points to her hair and says: "Air" and to her nose while saying "Nose"). She waves the laptop around to show us parts of the base, and I move our laptop around to show her the trees outside.

2. He is so quick. I can only watch in horror as he drops my half-full glass in to our curvy wedding present pitcher. Nothing is broken, though.

3. The Mayor's driver (no less) brings us more strawberries.