Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Twofer, about that... and my rest hour.

1. The wild strawberry I am potting on is not one but two plants.

2. I take Alec and a box of strawberries (full size ones this time) down to the Pantiles. I put him up on the bandstand so he can run around, but not go too far -- and to further encourage him to stay within reach, I help myself to a few strawberries. He comes hurrying back: "Trawby! Trawb-lyum nom!" and then sets off again to make a grubby handprint on the white paint of the back wall. Ooops.

3. It's a soft and warm day, just right for sitting on the Common with my boy asleep in the pushchair and an easy-going book open on my knee.


  1. #3 sounds perfect!
    I thought I would check through the Roll of Honor and I sadly found that very few 3BT's have kept up. It's a little sad, like a new toy that's been played with, set aside and then forgotten. Their last posts just floating in cyberspace with an old time stamp on it. If I ever feel the need to stop mine, I'll want eulogize and then enshrine it or at least give it a proper burial.

  2. Mmm Trawb-lyum noms sound delicious!! I think I'll have some of them for my garden!!


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