Monday, June 04, 2012

Passing fever, rib of beef and pageant.

1. A crowd of revellers woke Alec in the night, and now in the small hours he is burning hot. He lies passively against me in the dark, taking a little milk from time to time while he waits to feel better. Sometime in the dark he rolls away because at half past seven he has to crawl across the bed to tell me bossily to give him some milk and a cuddle.

2. Nick brought home a rib of beef from the butchers as our jubilee treat. We roast it quickly (basting diligently every five minutes) and eat it for lunch. The pink meat is the juiciest, tenderest, tastiest beef we have ever tasted. Alec is less impressed, but chews a few tiny pieces and then shovels in roast potatoes.

3. To have the jubilee Thames pageant on in the background. I dip in and out as I move through the house, and marvel at the Queen's fortitude -- she stood for the entire 80-minute cruise, and then again to watch the flotilla pass by.