Thursday, June 07, 2012

Red juice, packed lunch and documentary.

1. Yes, yes strawberries taste delicious, but how much more fun to squdge them in your hands and let the juice drip down into gory patches on your shirt. Hours later, I am cuddling Alec in and he still smells of strawberries.

2. I am surprisingly gratified to get a text from Nick thanking me for his packed lunch.

3. We watch the Grayson Perry documentary, the Sunderland episode, not our episode, and it's charming, very endearing. People really opened up to him. I loved the club singer holding the hand of his mother's friend; and the three generations of women getting ready to go out for the evening. It looks as if they felt privileged to be a part of his work -- they were much more moved than us Tunbridge Wells people. I suspect that GP drew less on our personal stories for our tapestries; and also, perhaps we middle class folk are less surprised that a Turner Prize winner would be interested in depicting us. Or... perhaps they have a much better understanding than us of just how important this work is going to be!