Saturday, June 09, 2012

Escape, the last word and a question of snakes.

1. When he sees me, Alec comes barreling out of the nursery door, feinting and dodging his way past another parent and the practitioner who are trying to stop him.

2. "....and then he banged it again harder, so I said 'No, Alec.' And I asked him to come back and have a story with us. He said: 'NO' and ran away laughing." First (of many) use in the 'correct' context.

3. Caroline takes me to see the naturalist Steve Backshall lecturing at the Assembly Hall Theatre. He's very engaging and passionate, but my favourite bit was the Q&As, where the audience tested his knowledge. The best question came from a very small girl in the front: "What does my pet snake called Steve swallow mice whole instead of crunching them up?" If I had a pet snake, he'd be called Steve, too.