Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cold, back again and tart.

1. When I have a cold, to make up hot apple juice and honey, to take another paracetamol and have some breakfast. It's amazing how much better everything seems.

2. Everyone else goes out for the afternoon. I do a bit of work and then rest in the quiet of an empty house. But at the end of it, oh, I'm so pleased to see Alec (and Nick, too).

3. Jo is not from Kent and she's never had a gypsy tart before. I think she likes them in all their sticky, foamy, goopy, gooey glory -- but we only let her eat half, because they are very, very sweet. She displays satisfying horror at the thought of them being part of our school dinners.


  1. It's a flan case filled with something sticky made from condensed milk and brown sugar. I don't know how, though. It's a Kentish recipe and was banned from school dining rooms some years ago.

  2. Sounds naughty but nice. Regional foods are really interesting! Thanks.


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