Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cobwebs, escape and merriment.

1. As we are leaving, when the evening sun is dipping through the kitchen window I point out a mass of golden cobwebs threaded between the legs of a chair. Luckily my mother sees how beautiful it is and doesn't take it as a comment on her housekeeping.

2. To close the front door behind me on games night.

3. There was an awful lot of laughter round the Tuesday Knights table (see reports at She Kills Monsters and over at Tim's).

PS: Sarah Salway has interviewed me in five sentences.


  1. Glad you are still doing game night - it does sound like you have a fun group.

  2. Yes, I wanted so much to do RPGs when I was a kid, but the boys never let me join in, and none of my friends were into it (looking back, I suspect those boys were all talk and book-buying). I was so pleased when Tim let me play, and even more pleased that Nick is willing to babysit.

  3. I love how well you are learning Alec's language -- it does require clever interpreting . . . and then makes perfect sense.
    Good that Nick encourages your RPGs. My friend Maria encouraged her husband to learn sword fighting with her, and he's pretty good at it now. . . . (but it's not babysitting when it's your own child ;-)
    . . . and I love that you, too, find beauty in sparkly cobwebs. There's an old German story that credits the spiders with the first tinsel on Christmas trees.


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