Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Man bubs, loll and washing machine.

1. Alec sidles up to me in the toddler pool and points to my chest, and then to his chest: "Bubs." And then he points to an older man paddling with his two small boys: "Man bubs." I'm glad the man is too far away to hear, but I'm secretly laughing.

2. A heavy little head lolls against my shoulder as I puff up the hill to home.

3. "...and look, if you press this button, it makes the rinse noise, it spins and then it dries."
"That is brilliant," says Nick. He is nearly as delighted as Alec is by the 50p toy washing machine -- just big enough for a wipe and a pair of toddler socks -- that we found in the window of a charity shop.


  1. Awww, your second beautiful thing is so sweet. My favorite :)

  2. The "man bubs" is classic. Your blog is perfect for recording all those great baby and toddler memories...and all the joys of family life.

  3. The man bubs is classic - our little boy told his Dad he had boobies and Dad couldn't argue...I mean how do you argue with that? lol
    Our eldest saw a elderly man with a wheeled walker in the shopping centre about the time she'd be introduced to that Night Garden show and yelled out loudly that it was Makapaka with his Ogpog....I'm very glad to say the smiling old man had no clue what she was talking about :)

  4. wish I could see and hear him say man bubs haahah

  5. How many batteries have you gone through so far?

  6. My sister told me about this blog. You have inspired my own post today http://justzoejustlife.wordpress.com/
    It is such a good thing to think about the positives, even when the negatives could be overwhelming. Thank you.

    When my son was little he adored washing machines. We must have got through a dozen toy machines! And we could never have enough batteries.


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