Monday, August 06, 2012

Husband help, whirling and meet-up.

1. I am trying to make pancakes for breakfast, but Alec is desperate for attention, and for something to eat. "Just a minute, manny. Just a minute. Have some banana. There, lovely nana. Just a second. Let me flip this one... Oh no, banana doesn't go in your hair... No, Alec stop it!" Etc. Then Nick comes down the stairs.

2. To whirl Alec round by his arms until he snorts with laughter. When we stop, he staggers around like a dizzy drunk and then makes his way back to me, holding up his arms and saying: "More, again, more!"

3. I meet up with some of the other students on my course in a Google+ hangout. I still reel a little when I think about chatting on video, for free, with people I've just met on the internet. It feels as if the future has finally arrived.


  1. I'm still overawed by the whole idea of Google+ Hangouts.

    I know I'm missing out on plenty of RPG games but I guess I'm still very shy with strangers.

    But, as you say, it is "the future", so I expect I'll get onboard eventually.

  2. Aw, Tim! You could always practise with some of us first -- I'd be well up for a remote games night some time.

  3. That would be excellent - thank you :-D

  4. When we'd whine "I'm hungry" while Mom cooked supper, she'd give us whatever she was working on, a piece of raw potato or uncooked spaghetti . . . it was interesting and took the edge off hunger, and we left her alone. I think banana would condition the hair.
    Mom and I adopted a phrase from a commercial in which a baby proclaimed, "I'm not upset. I like applesauce in my hair." It was our mantra for potentially stressful situations.


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