Thursday, August 02, 2012

Head first, sudden and recovery.

1. The sight of Alec disappearing head first down a slide in the soft play area is very alarming, but the catching sight of his delighted face afterwards makes my day.

2. Alec is so excited at bedtime that I dig in for a long evening. He is shouting and singing and bouncing around and climbing over me and bringing me books. And then all of a sudden, he has such a tired face. He lies down, pats the bed next to him and says with great authority: "Bub-bub!" He is asleep within minutes.

3. We watch the bits of the Olympic opening ceremony that we missed. In the children's literature / NHS segment, when the apparently poorly children start bouncing on their hospital beds, we both burst out laughing.


  1. I loved the children and all the Mary Poppinses . . . !! and the reading from The Tempest! Great show!
    ** Did your first comment get cut off.
    It is such an adventure going down the slide, and such a joy in "I did it by myself! (I just read an article that children are actually safer going alone, something about the extra inertia of an adult-weight body propelling the two -- of course, there are warnings about everything . . . )

  2. No, I just forgot what I was going to say, and then forgot I'd forgotten. I'll clean it up. Thanks for mention it, Mary!

    Yes, I've read about the dangers of slide-sharing. It's when their feet get caught. I wouldn't go down with him, because it's very much his adventure, but he likes to have his hands held on the slide in the park, and the one at the pool.


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