Thursday, August 09, 2012

Forget-me-not, tea and Dracula.

1. There is a new sort of forget-me-not in my flower bed. It has the usual humdrum sky-blue petals, but no butter yellow centre. The effect is startling. (I don't really think forget-me-nots are humdrum. No flower is, apart from maybe 24-hour garage crysanths and carnations.)

2. Nick takes us all out to tea, because I told him that every time we pass a particular cafe, Alec says: "Bic-bic!"

3. I am really getting into Dracula, it's thrill-a-minute, with some brilliant characters. I read late into the night in order to get my allotted pages done -- but I'm glad that Alec is there to look after me once I turn out the light.

PS: Here's something for Auntarctica fans. It's the Rothera's contribution to an all-Antarctica film festival.


  1. Tom has a very old paperback copy of Dracula with a very cheesy, lurid depiction of Drac on the cover. He says he always felt a uneasy about having his hands touching the face while he was reading it!

  2. Love the movie! Made me laugh. Hope they were OK after running around all day in their undercrackers.


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