Friday, September 07, 2012

An opinion, magnetism and graphologist.

1. As I am giving Alec his breakfast of cereal hoops, he says very confidently: "Me like 'oops." Well, me like hearing that my little boy has an opinion on such important matters.

2. Nana gave Alec a little fridge magnet in the shape of a cat. He has been discovering that it sticks to certain things, and I keep finding it in odd places, like on radiators and on the bath and on the fire surround.

3. I finally get round to showing Nick this story about a graphologist in the Courier. The reason I wanted to show him was that in the paper version, they give some sample handwriting reports -- including mine. The graphologist said, among other things: 'She will have a quality that men like. She can wrap men around her little finger. She will come over well. They will say “if you meet Clare, she is a girl and a half”.' Me rather like this, too.


  1. I've always wondered what a graphologist might say about my handwriting, particularly because I seem to have two distinct styles -- one quite upright and round and looping, and the other more slanted and self-contained.

  2. He's an interesting chap -- I met him in a pub about ten years ago and he looked in my notebook and said I had a sad secret that was like a bad apple in a barrel. It made me take a hard look at said sad secret: if it was getting into my handwriting, I reasoned, I needed to do something about it.


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