Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pink milk, being us and an icecream.

1. Slurping up the last drops of a pink milkshake. Alec drinks half of mine, because he likes straws -- and then goes for Godfather Timothy's as well.

2. Tim is rather amused by something he heard through the hedge: "Our neighbour's two-year-old asked where we were: 'Where are Tim and Rachel?' When she was told we weren't around, she said she was going to be us. She asked her mother to call her Rachel."

3. ...And when I look up Alec is under the climbing frame licking an ice cream being offered to him by a boy of about the same size. It's funny because earlier in the day he joined some little girls who were pretending that the climbing frame was an icecream van.


  1. He got ice cream from the ice cream truck - nice

  2. I never get tired of hearing these stories about Alec or the other aspects of your life. It reminds me of when ours were young. I found this lovely blog with a great idea for activities with young children -one involving pipe cleaners and a colander!

    many thanks for sharing


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