Sunday, September 02, 2012

Getting out, catch and brambles.

1. I had been planning to do this and planning to do that in my free time on Saturday afternoon while Nick looks after Alec... but Nick says: "Let's all go out," so we do. It's what I really wanted to do, anyway.

2. We are watching quite an ordinary thing, a couple throwing a ball for their dog (which is black with white paws). It races across the path by the rocks and then leaps, twists, snaps and trots back with the ball in its mouth. "Dog catch ball," says Alec. His first sentence.

3. To drop the blackberries we picked this afternoon into bowls of yoghurt.


  1. First sentence! What a milestone. That's fantastic ;)

  2. Ahh, first sentence... how lovely! My daughter's was (as I finished my lunch before her) "Mummy mashed totato all gone". Eight years later and it still makes my heart squeeze.

  3. Ah, a dog lover in your family :)


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