Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cool head, shutting myself away and among strangers.

1. At 4am I see that I am an idiot for trusting the thermometer over my five senses. I give Alec the clean nappy, the biscuit and the drink of water that he is asking for, and the spoonful of paracetamol that he needs.  He settles down for some comforting bub, and not much later sighs and rolls over. He's properly asleep, breathing softly and his head no longer burns to touch.

2. "I am having a bath," I tell Nick and Alec after breakfast. "There are instructions about when to put lunch in the oven on the table."

3. The kindness of strangers.
a. Yesterday I said yes to a post of Freegle. Today, a lady rings up to say I can have some of her hollyhock seeds, and would I like some cosmos and some Verbena bonariensis plants. "It's purple, and it sort of floats," she says by way of description.
b. We have another hangout on Google+ for our science fiction and fantasy course. It feels as if we don't talk much about the books, but I do come away knowing a lot more about Ray Bradbury, and with some stories to look out for; and I feel as if the other students are real people, not just ciphers.


  1. Floating flowers are the best kind of flowers :) I'm glad Alec is feeling better!

  2. How could anyone not appreciate your Alec!! Wish I could teleport in to meet you for tea . . .

    Bradbury discussion reminded me of this poem I wrote some time ago when I braved highway traffic to attend a writing class . . .

    by Mary Garrett

    Ray Bradbury, the guru of space travel, will not drive a car.
    More die each year from cars than from Vietnam at its worst,
    And where are the marches in protest?

    Instead, we daily enter thin sheaths of metal, and Auto-propel
    Ourselves at impossible speeds over hard concrete.
    Only a thin line of white paint separates cars on either side.
    We seldom ask if this trip, this job, this play, this class,
    This visit is worth the risk.

    Highway rules are followed, most of the time;
    Defensive vigilance is maintained by drivers, most of the time;
    Guardian angels or luck protects us, some of the time.

    When those fail, the first law of physics prevails:
    Two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

  3. I absolutely love verbascums, Nicole, but I don't have any yet, so I'm very excited to see what I can do with them next summer.

    Mary -- lovely! Thanks for sharing. I very much agree, and I'm always secretly pleased to hear about famous, successful people who don't drive, because sometimes I feel as if I'm the most dreadful coward.

  4. Go for a bath after breakfast and leave rules on how to serve lunch? Wow, I hope you had plenty of hot water, it is enjoyable to take a good long soak.

  5. A good long soak is indeed a treat, Joe, and I enjoyed it very much.


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