Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nap, walking home slowly and the hug.

1. Alec's morning nap goes on... and on... and on. He wakes twice, but makes it clear he just wants bub-and-back-to-sleep. At quarter past two, I hear him chatting to himself. I go up and tell him it's lunch time. "Lish lingers?" he asks, full of hope.

2. I walk slowly home with Alec on my shoulders. I can tell by his dull tired weight that he is not in the mood for "Quickly, quickly" or bouncing. He likes hearing the names of trees, though, and trying the words for himself.

3. I go downstairs to find Nick and get the hug I've been wanting all day.


  1. Lish lingers?
    Glad Alec's feeling better . . . slowly but surely.

  2. Fish fingers! They are usually a bit of a favourite, and I usually cook three for him. He managed just half, though.

    Joe -- at the moment, we can't have too many hugs over here, so the more the merrier.

  3. I need to slow down more with my kids, especially on school mornings. I bet that toddler was heavy on the shoulders, but what a good mama!

    And I'm glad you got your hug. We all need more of them. More smiles, too.

  4. He's not too bad weightwise -- shoulders is a very efficient carrying method, much easier for me than arms or hip, and he has a big incentive not to squirm.


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