Thursday, September 20, 2012

Filled card, going back and laundry.

1. "...and your next coffee will be free." To fill up a loyalty stamp card. 

2. "It's not like you left the Norglet on the Pantiles," says Nick. The first thing I told him when he got in was that I felt stupid for leaving Alec's blue sippy cup behind on the bench where I'd been watching him running around on the bandstand. Then Nick adds: "Do you want me to go and get it?"

3. A folded basket of clean laundry.


  1. If it's taken you 21 months to leave something somewhere you're not doing badly!

  2. ...this is the first thing I've admitted to. I seem to leave a trail of muslins and spoons and tubes of nappy rash cream wherever I go.


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