Monday, September 10, 2012

Interactive, slow help and paintwork.

1. We have to pretend to eat all the food in this book; and to pick bugs out of the monster's hair in that book.

2. To not be in a hurry. When I'm rushing, I don't want any 'help' but when there is all the time in the world, I love to give Alec tasks like measuring seeds into the bread mix, or putting muffin cases in the tin. Afterwards, I stand him on the worktop so he can look down into the bread machine and see the dough forming.

3. I examine the little chairs drying in the sun and think that Nick has done a pretty good job: a few wobbles, but better than I would have managed. Then he comes back with a fistful of whisker-thin paintbrushes. The next time I go out, the paintwork is flawless and Nick is looking very proud of himself.


  1. Two things were always guaranteed to put mine in a good mood: cooking (L once missed with an egg, it went all down the cupboard doors, the look of horror was worth the mess) and something arty, and preferably messy. That may explain their careers, they're also both very good cooks. Lucky Alec's future wife!

  2. Laura is now my go-to person for cooking advice. She's brilliant. And I'm taking note of Amy's sushi expertise.

  3. We have that book too, little E loves that tickly monster!

  4. We have that book too, little E loves that tickly monster!


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