Monday, April 14, 2014

A short bath, bunny and for me too.

1. Twenty minutes doesn't seem like long; but it was relaxing and it feels pleasantly profligate to jump out of the bath before it has cooled down.

2. There is no queue to meet the Easter Bunny at the shopping centre -- and it turns out you get a free photo, and a chocolate egg. Alec wouldn't look at the bunny; the photo is really nothing special; but I loved the speed with which he opened and ate the egg; and the chocolate on his cheeks afterwards.

3. Bettany has started using a sign to communicate. It's not a conventional hand sign, but if she sees food that she wants she smacks her lips until you give her some.


  1. A friend taught her son to use American Sign Language, which she already knew as a teacher of the deaf and hearing impaired. She even made a photo dictionary of her son signing, to help the babysitter understand him. He could communicate his needs well before he was ready to say words. Interesting process, fewer tantrums because he could be clear about what he wanted . . . and she said that while it slightly slows verbal expression because of less need for it, once he spoke he rapidly caught up and surpassed the norm.

    1. Yes, Baby Sign is a thing over here, you can go to classes to learn it. Alec never seemed frustrated by communication difficulties, though, so we never bothered; and second children don't get to go to classes!


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