Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seeds, chocolate and better.

1. The willow fluffs are flying today. It's as pretty as snow, but without the cold and inconvenience.

2. To share with Nick one of those Malteaser rabbits that only appear at Easter.

3. I fail to settle Bettany for her early evening nap. She dozes in my arms and then thrashes and cries, fights sleep, dozes and then fights some more. Now at 10pm when  she is awake and all smiles.

PS: Godfather Tibby and Aunty Raidel are doing a sponsored walk for The Stroke Association. Rachel has written very touchingly about the events that put this cause near their hearts -- please give it a read if you have a minute. I never forget how close we came to losing Tim. If we had lost him then I don't suppose Nick and I would have met.