Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stay at home, gardening and a pizza.

1. My poor Bettany is sad and sorry for herself. She feeds and then, instead of wriggling off to play and practise, rests her head on my chest. She is not a cheerful bundley girl who is ready for nursery and I decide to keep her at home. It's the right thing to do (see previous post), but I feel bad for Alec because it means missing our morning together. As it turns out, Bettany goes back to sleep after breakfast and Alec and I get our mother-son time anyway.

2. To garden while Alec destroys the patch of garden that I've put aside for him. He has pulled off the wicker edging (which was broken anyway) and has been digging up the bare soil in search of bones. From time to time I had him bits of archaeology that I find in the compost sack. He dismisses most of them as sticks.

3. It suddenly occurs to me I am feeling ill enough that it is OK for us to get a takeaway pizza for supper. We devour it out of the box, with our hands.