Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Free, fennel and emergency,

1. I look at my two sleeping children, both snuffling through snotty noses, and think how blessed I am because I can go downstairs and have breakfast on my own, without having to look after anyone else.

2. The roots of the fennel I am moving have busted right through the liner in the bottom of the bed and I must be strong and gentle to free them. I give it a good water and hope it will be happy in its new home.

3. Alec interrupts the bedtime story to take a phone call about a "fire on house". He jumps into his naw-nee and zooms to the scene. "What's the emergency?" he asks me in a manly voice.
The fire is soon out and he asks me to resume the story.

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  1. Seedlings from my potted fennel continually sprout and take through the membrane under the gravel around the pots. I pull them up and stick them pretty roughly into other pots, and they always seem to thrive anyway, with a good watering!


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