Friday, April 25, 2014

Not guilty, holding my hand and settled.

1. It's parenting's guilty secret: we send our children to nursery when we sort of know we're going to get a call to collect them later in the day. Today is another sick day for Alec -- but at least with his swollen neck gland he is quite obviously ill and I am not tempted by a choice I know is not entirely correct.

2. Alec leaves the tablet in the pushchair and comes up to gently holds my hand while I have my legs waxed. Later he tells me that when he's a grown up he's going to go to my beautician.

3. Alec and I pick up Bettany from nursery and she doesn't even look up when we come in. She's too busy working her way round the room without crawling.

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  1. For going-out-to-work Mums a nursery that won't take a sick child is a real problem, employers lose sympathy very fast! We had brilliant minders, coped with anything.


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